Thursday, September 24, 2009

House Project # 2 --- CHECK!

But first I have to show you some pictures I took of Ella today. It seems to me that she has really done some growing here lately. She is talking more and more every day and she is really into playing with her food ;) Seriously, she will get bowls and measuring cups and transfer her snack from one thing to the other, it is really cute!
Yesterday I learned that if I take my eyes off of her for one minute, she will have made the biggest mess you have ever seen! Example #1) Ella loves Danimals Yogurt Smoothies. She loves them so much she thought her "Chelsea Bear" would love them too! I walk into the living room and Chelsea Bear is covered in smoothie and it's all in the rug as well as all over Ella's hands. My consensus is that Chelsea Bear probably isn't the biggest fan now ;) Example #2) If you leave the child alone to eat her scalloped potatoes, make sure she has on a rain coat and a hood or hat! Otherwise she will turn her potatoes into finger paint and hair gel!

Have I told you how much I am loving being able to stay home with her? I can not explain the emotions involved and I feel so Blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity! I feel like a Mother, I feel like Ella and I have never been closer, don't get me wrong; she is still a HOT mess... But she is the best of the best! Being able to enjoy these moments with her is priceless.

My little drama Queen!

Now for the post: The Arnolds finally have landscaping!!!

Yeah this project is about 2 yrs late, but it's done and we love it. And Glory to God that it has rained every single day since we have planted it :)

Below is a picture of our walkway; This is what you will see when you pull up to our home. We decided to plant Soft Touch Hollies and variegated Monkey Grass in this area.

Moving to the front of the house; we captured the corner with Adagio Grass. This is to separate the soft touches with the laurels.

In front, we used Otto Lukin Laurels. We chose these laurels as opposed to Skip Laurels because they will grow wide and somewhat tall, but not overly tall like the Skips. We also staggered each bush. Right now, it is very noticeable but hopefully they will fill in nicely!

On the other side of the front steps, we continued with the Otto Lukins and acceneted with more Monkey Grass. There was a wide area on this side that needed to be filled with something. Our idea was to keep this simple looking and that it is. We couldn't be happier!