Monday, January 26, 2009

On the Move...

Our little Sweetheart!

Ella is on the move! Over the weekend she has really just taken off. Here is a video of last week and even since then she has improved:

(I promise her room isn't this messy, those are clean clothes that she had just thrown all over the place! hehehe)

This weekend we celebrated Jeramy's 32nd Birthday(it was Sunday). Friday we relaxed and ate dinner, here is Ella enjoying her pasta!

I love that little face :)

Saturday evening we went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate. Here is the Birthday Boy and his favorite little person!

And I had to snap a picture of her in this sweet outfit, she looks so grown up!!

And most of you know, but I'm going to share it on the blog world too, I have been running and right after Christmas, I was out on a long run and something happened to my foot. I hobbled 3 miles back to my car and could barely walk for about a week. The pain slowly got better, I was thinking it was a tendon, but 3 1/2 weeks later I was still not able to run or even walk normally for that matter. So I decided to make a Doctors Appointment. Come to find out my 3rd metatarsal bone in my left foot is broken....See X-Ray below!

Now I have to wear a lovely boot for 4 weeks! Just my luck...