Friday, January 14, 2011

Ethan John and Some Quality Girl Time!

Yesterday was a big day for Ethan and me! We both had a task at hand that needed to be very successful. I needed to pass my glucose test, in which I will get results for next week, and he needed to show his spine!

At 20 weeks, Ethan was immobile...curled up in a ball and not going to move for anything. Thank God he was proud enough to let us know we were having a precious baby boy! Since he was so snug, my Doctor requested another ultra sound to get the rest of his spinal views.

1. Spine is very important and it comforted me to know that everything was A.O.K.
2. I was thrilled to get to see my boy again!

Ethan really put on a performance for us yesterday! It may have been because I had just chugged pure sugar, but nonetheless he was a Rock Star...

(3D picture: mouth, nose, eyes, arms around face)

(3D: Same Image, maybe a little more of the face)
Thanks to my girlfriend Holly Jane, I knew to ask for some 3D images! WOW, is all I can say. I love it! It was hard to get a great 3D image of Ethan because his arms were hugging his face and his cord was right in that area too.

(Ultra Sound: Profile)

This is where my Rock Star comes in...

(U/S: Lateral View... "Hi Mom!")
I laughed so hard! What a cheese. He was yawning, moving his mouth, sticking his tongue out all things that a baby does. I just wanted to scoop him out and hold him right then and there and kiss is little yawning mouth! But he needs to stay just where he's at for now!

(Right Foot, I believe)

After my ultra sound, I had to do my blood work for my glucose. The Lab Tech assured me that pulling samples of blood is much more accurate than the good ole' finger prick, so I have a good chance in passing! (Let's hope so...) After that I had a great visit with Dr. J and she was very pleased with my progress. I've gained about 14 pounds, which she was was good, but I just laughed...Oh My Word! I still have 3 months to go.

After my appointment, I did some shopping and even bought some blue hangers for Ethan's closet. Yes, I got really excited about coat hangers! Then I met up with one of my best girlfriends to celebrate getting old. Since this time last year we have wanted to do one of those painting classes, but it just never happened... So this year with both of us turning 30, we were determined to go paint! It was so much fun, it was also pretty stressful. We left there saying "At least we can say we did it!"

Erin and I with our Master Pieces!

A Work in Progress!

It was such a great day! And some time away that I so badly needed!