Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend! Jeramy and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary on Friday September 4th. We celebrated on Saturday by going to Opry Mills! Jeramy has been wanting to go to Bass Pro for quite some time now. We had a great meal at Tony Romas and then did some shopping :) Being the sweet Daddy that he is, he had to get Ella a little something... Lately she has really been into, shoes and hats! so we found this adorable Cowgirl hat for her; She loves it!!!
For some odd reason, she really only wears the hats when she is sitting at the table eating! She is too funny :)

Since Fall is fast approaching, we have begun to think of MANY outdoor projects. Some of the things on our list involve landscaping, new front porch railings, new roof on the mini barn and now that I am home I have added about 10 more things to that list... We have decided to start with the small things, so last night in the thunder storm, I stained our Adirondack chairs. It was so nice and peaceful under our carport just listening to the rain and the thunder.



We decided to use a dark stain, since they fade so quickly. It really looks great, in my opinion, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Aunt Heather, Rylee and Reagan have taught Ella a new song! It's actually a prayer that the girls sing before they eat. Ella loves it and wants me or Daddy to sing it before, during and after her meals or any time of the day for that matter!