Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sites from our weekend!

This past weekend, we were able to snag some last minute passes to the one and only BONNAROO! Since my weekend plans changed, I was able to go on Saturday with Jeramy. We had a great time, but I just wasn't into the bands this year. Jimmy Buffett was a surprise gig on Saturday afternoon and I was so glad to see him, what a fun concert! After that we walked around CenteRoo, shopped, visited with friends and then headed over to hang out at the shower camp our friends were running as we waited for the next round of shows. We ended the night with a little Ben Harper at 1am... Needless to say we were exhausted!

Which Stage (Jimmy Buffett)

Roo Graffiti

Enjoying some down time...

Me & Katy

Brad, Jake & Jeramy

What Stage (Main Stage)

Waiting for "The Boss" (Bruce Springsteen)

First time I've seen this at the Roo? (hot air balloon)

Jeramy & Heath looking at the balloon in total amazement, it was too funny!

Me, Lana & Holly in CenteRoo

Showing some ~Roo Love~

Ben Harper at 1am! Check out the new neon sign.
Sunday afternoon, last minute we decided to go back and take our little beanie, one day she will die when she looks back at pictures! I can hear her now "Look at my Hippie parents!" By that time we will be so 'uncool' that maybe we can earn some points breaking out those photos. Ha! She enjoyed it for a bit, but it was soon time to go to bed and we headed home. Of course Ella had to wear her tie dye dress her Aunt Kimmie gave her, it's a Bonnaroo original from '08! She was super cute and totally stole the show ;)

As soon as Ella heard music, she started bouncing on Daddy's shoulders!

Eating & Dancing...great combo!

More Dancin'

More Eatin'

Checking out the Bobble Heads

Posing with her hippie Mom! hehe :)