Monday, June 8, 2009

PHOTO OVERLOAD... has been a busy busy month. We've had weddings and showers and baby showers galore and Birthdays and cookouts, oh my! This weekend we decided to have some fun. These pictures are kinda backwards, but you will get it.

Sunday morning Ella and I woke up very early to go feed chickens. It has been a while since Ella and I have joined Jeramy, but he loves it when we come! We stopped to get breakfast and coffee(my must have/treat for coming!) and headed to the farm in Lynchburg.

Ella had the best time chasing the chickens! She was not even scared, just took off after them. It was the cutest thing!
(These pictures were taken with my camera phone so the quality is not too good)

Then we found a worm! It was a perfect little worm. Daddy picked it up and Ella was so interested in this little guy. Not even scared!

She immediately grabbed it out of Daddy's hand, but we had to put back so he could enjoy his morning dew.
Last Monday, Ella began pre-school. This has been a huge transition for all of us! I know that she will adjust but the hardest part is when I drop her off in the mornings... She is not happy, at all! She is learning her new schedule and she is learning to nap in a room full of distractions. We have had early nights since her naps are consisting of about 45 minutes a day. She is making lots of new friends and has lots of great teachers. I pray that she will soon adjust to her new school!
Saturday night, we went to Mexican with Holly Jane! I LOVE me some Mexican food and Margarita to accompany it! It was way past bed time when we got home and Ella was in a super silly mood! I started snapping pictures of her and she got so tickled and so then we went to take pictures of daddy and then it turned into all 3 of us... She would laugh so hard when I would show her the picture we just took.

Here are a couple of our goofy pictures!

So it is that time of year when the yard sales are on every corner!!! I love yard sales and I love how all of my blogger friends are finding (and posting) their awesome yard sale finds! Saturday afternoon, as we were cruising in the Jeep, we came across a HUGE tent sale. I made Jeramy pull over for this one, it was just too big to skim. As I was digging through a box, I found this silver trivet with an 'A' etched in it. I love finding old silver trays, etc at yard sales! I got the trivet for .25! Can you believe that... It will be in our family for a long time.
Saturday morning, Ella and I hopped out of bed to drive to the air force base to watch Holly Jane compete in her first Triathlon! It was a gorgeous morning and we had such a great time just watching all of the athletes.

This triathlon consisted of a .6 mile swim, 16 mile bike, and 4 mile run. There were many folks from Manchester participating in this event. So it was fun to watch these familiar faces!

This is Holly coming out of the water after her swim. She was terrified of the swim part... But I knew she would do great and she admits "It wasn't as bad as she thought!"

Holly taking off for her 4 mile run...that she smoked!!!

This is Lana coming out of the water. This is Holly's sister who is a veteran to this race! Lana received the award for 1st place in their age group and Holly got 3rd place in the their age group!!! I was so proud of all of them, but especially Holly for overcoming a big fear and accomplishing a huge goal AND taking home an award... That says a lot!