Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Almost 5 months old...

Well my sweet little angel is almost 5 months old! Hard to believe... This was a snap shot that I had to take she looked so darn cute!

EJ really enjoys the time she spends with daddy. Sunday morning we woke Jeramy up to play. EJ is practicing climbing all over him...soon enough she will be doing this by herself, we can't wait!

After some play time, EJ and i headed over to Gramma's house.
I was given a clay gift at one of my showers, you know the kind that you put your hand print in...well it was fun while it lasted but we never got the end product! Every time we would put Ella's hand in the clay she would grasp her fingers together, so then we tried her feet and she did the same thing with her toes! She had it all over her... The clay hardened and I just threw it away. Aunt Pammy will have to help us next time! The funny thing is that Ella didn't make a noise, hmmmm maybe she will enjoy digging her hands and toes in the sand when we go to the beach! ;)

One last thing: These are my skinny jeans! Wooo hooo....