Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pinterest Projects

A group of my girlfriends and I have to decided to get together every couple of weeks and try to complete a project from our Pinterest Boards! Today I chose these pine cone candle holders because I had all of the materials:

Pine Cones
Paint or Spray Paint of your choice
Hot Glue Gun
Canning Jar Lids (Looks a lot better than the bottom of a can drink!)

Cut the tapered end of the pine cone off a little so they will stand on their own. Paint the pine cone and hot glue the lids....WaaaLa!

Cute and Easy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

"Momma said there'll be days like this..."

This song has been going through my head all morning. It's just one of those days that I want to throw my hands up in the air and give up! From my work out to my appearance to my beautiful little 3 yr old.... Serenity Now!

Today was the final day of Week 2 Boot Camp. I went outside to start my sprints and my tata's just couldn't handle it, see yesterday's post! I had pumped off the pressure prior to trying to sprint and I had also read that in order to reduce my supply the ladies need very little movement and stimulation. This one I did throw the arms up and came inside! TMI....sorry.

I did however finish the rest of the workout, but man my heart just wasn't in it and my body knew it! Then I walked by my mirror and just growled at myself. My weigh has been up the past two days and I know it's just what my body is going through this week, but it's REALLY frustrating.

Then there's the girl....This one is my own fault and I'm just merely venting! You know what, I'm not going to. I'm just going to ask for your prayers for my patience and for me to be able to give her the attention she desires!

"Momma said there'll be days like this...."

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who said it was going to be easy...

From the very beginning of this weight loss challenge, my one concern was breastfeeding. I want to lose weight however I do not want to jeopardize my milk supply. My little man is now two months old and after his two month check up, I have decided it's time for formula. This is a very hard and emotional thing for me to do... In a months time, Little E only gained one pound. At least he gained. I had been talking with the hubs about this and praying about what is best and Ethan's Doctors appointment helped me to feel confident this was the best decision.

So with this decision, I feel like I can have the freedom to really concentrate on my body. This my friends is intimidating! Now I have no excuses, if I fail, it's my own fault.

This week may be a set back in the weight area due to my boobs are like 5lb weights. I am relieving them on occasion but trying decrease my supply. This morning I was up in weight, but I'm sure the Johnsonville Brat Burger and potato salad for dinner last night did not help ;-)

Yesterday was weigh in day (173.6). I have successfully completed every day of boot camp and I know I have lost inches in my thighs and my waist. I have sucked at doing cardio on my off days. Going to hop on the bike as soon as I'm done!

**Update: I just did 30 minutes of Spinnervals on my trainer. WoW! However, time flew by and it was the best ride I had completed on my trainer to date. Troy it's on!

Next week will be hard, but I will make the most of my surroundings and do what I can.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where does the time go...

Wow, it's already Sunday and I haven't blogged all week! Sorry 'bout that. I have had a busy week starting off the week with a sick child, then cleaning for company, a Dr's appt and lunch with my dear friend who recently moved away on Friday, a big day of family and eating and visiting with my Dad and sister on Saturday and here we are...Time to get back on track!

However I successfully completed my boot camp for the week, weighed in and lost a little (not quite a full pound) but 'm ok with that! I did not get any cardio in this week other than boot camp... Cleaning and racing around Walmart with a screaming child may have helped a little though.

I think I should set some goals for this week:

1. Cardio - on days I don't have bootcamp.
2. Water - (2) 32oz jugs...this one is usually not a problem
3. No eating after 7:00pm...this one will be hard

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday and Monday

Sunday was a really long day for us! I did get my exercise in and spent the rest of the day tending to a sick 3 yr old and waiting for my husband to arrive home. He and his co-workers took off on Friday and drove to the bottom of Louisiana to go fishing for the weekend! He had a ball, I'd say it was one heck of a Father's Day minus the fact his kiddos weren't with him :( (But we celebrated early and gave him a movie he loves and a mini photo album created by Lindsay Renee Photography. I actually won a photo session and (3) mini albums and he loved them! Lindsay is also a friend of mine, so it was really cool to have her capture our family with her beautiful talent.

Anyways back to my post...Oh wait, the Hubby did bring back some Red Fish (he caught), some mighty fine looking shrimp and some Daiquiri's in gallon milk jugs!!! YUM! Those will be consumed on cheat nights ;-)

Now back to my post... Sunday's Workout:
Bike Trainer - 30 minutes
Weights, Ball Squats

Today is a whole new ball game! Boot Camp is here and YES, I actually did it...Sorda.

I started off doing Mountain Climbers after 2 1/2 sets, I decided to head outside and do sprints! LOL. I did take a bigger break then needed to hop online again to view the moves one more time. My least successful move was the Side Plank Dips. I just couldn't do it, but I tried, even though I looked like a fool. My left side was a lot better than my that odd since I'm right handed? Anyways, Boot Camp W1D1 is complete.

Tomorrow, if I can move my legs I will ride the bike trainer again...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recovery Day

Today is going to be a recovery day....

Yesterday morning started off well. I rode my trainer, did my weights and squats and headed over to take a very special Nanna to lunch for her Birthday! We decided to have Mexican, Yum-O! It's been a while for me... I swore that I would eat light the rest of the day, well that didn't really happen! I had a girlfriend come to visit and she and the littlest child and I were going to go eat...Of course she chose Mexican ;-) Even though I had just had it, I did not turn it down. I really wanted a Margarita, but since I had the baby with me, I did not indulge! But I did eat a lot.

So today I will get back on track and prepare for Mondays Boot Camp! Woot Woot

Shout out to my friend and partner in weight loss crime Mae Anne who is running her first 10 miler today! Go get 'em tiger....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday was a pretty good day... I didn't get much done around the house, but I did really concentrate on my eating. So I am pleased.

Today has been good so far as well. We had a good breakfast and then the kiddos and I loaded up to go the park and take a walk. It wasn't a long walk, maybe 2 miles, but I was sweating! It is H.O.T. on top of that I was pushing the kids in one of those school bus strollers that is so big and hard to control. So not used to that... But we all had fun and ended the trip with a stop at the playground!

This is about all I will do today, besides pick up my house. Tomorrow I will do a repeat of yesterday. I don't want to get burnt out to soon, it's only day two! Tomorrow Sisterhood is posting info about the 6 week boot camp we will be doing.... Looking forward to learning just how sore I'm gonna be ;-)