Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where does the time go...

Wow, it's already Sunday and I haven't blogged all week! Sorry 'bout that. I have had a busy week starting off the week with a sick child, then cleaning for company, a Dr's appt and lunch with my dear friend who recently moved away on Friday, a big day of family and eating and visiting with my Dad and sister on Saturday and here we are...Time to get back on track!

However I successfully completed my boot camp for the week, weighed in and lost a little (not quite a full pound) but 'm ok with that! I did not get any cardio in this week other than boot camp... Cleaning and racing around Walmart with a screaming child may have helped a little though.

I think I should set some goals for this week:

1. Cardio - on days I don't have bootcamp.
2. Water - (2) 32oz jugs...this one is usually not a problem
3. No eating after 7:00pm...this one will be hard

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