Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And the party begins...

Ella's 1st Birthday is fast approaching! And the presents have started coming... What a lucky little Bean she is!!!

Part of my Mom's gift to Ella was a beautiful little dress and top that I picked out for her to wear the night of her party. So last night we stopped by to see Gramma and let Ella open her first present. It is so cute and I just can't wait, but no pictures yet...we don't want to ruin the cuteness ;) Thanks Gramma!!! We love you...

Last night when we got home, Ella had another gift from Uncle Greg and Aunt Kimmie! I pulled it out of the box, all wrapped in tissue paper and laid it on the floor for Ella to open. She dug right in and pulled out the cutest little stuffed elephant! It is soo sweet and it is the perfect size for Ella, she carries it all around the house. Here is a little video of her opening it:


Thank you Uncle Greg and Aunt Kimmie! You are so sweet and thoughtful, We love you and we miss you!!!