Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Recap!

It was a pretty good weekend for us! Not a whole lot went on... But I was able to spend some quality time with Ella and even get my house cleaned up and the laundry caught up!

We have been working on Ella's nap schedule this past week and I was really excited to get to work with her on Saturday and Sunday. I did see some great improvement, but of course she is human and it is not always perfect. My main concern is her morning nap and she did great with that...of course today she slept the whole way to M'Boro, so I will anxious to see how today's 'morning nap' went.

On my workouts....
Last week, I continued to go at it! Wednesday, we ran the same route. It was a little harder because our legs were tired but we accomplished the run and finished up with some good stretching. Thursday I rode on my lunch hour. It was a hard ride! The wind was very strong and I felt like I was barely moving! Friday I rested :) Saturday I met Angel and Henry at the park and we walked the Greenway. It was a good little walk and the kiddos enjoyed it!

Ella and Henry along for the ride...
Sunday I spent most of the day cleaning. Jeramy worked outside. He fixed my car...Thank you Lord! and then he washed all of the vehicles! We ended the night at Los 3 Amigos and boy was it goood...

Today! Well, I was all geared up to ride on my lunch hour. Had my bag packed and bike loaded! Jeramy was helping load all my stuff this morning and asked me several times if I wanted him to load my work out bag, I said no I'll get it! And out the door I went. I get to work and realize, no work out bag! Great. So maybe when we get home EJ and I will head out TN Hills and take a quick run/walk to make up for my ignorance!

Have a great day everyone!