Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pics from my last Baby Shower


So in my last post I talked about my amazing family and all of the wonderful baby showers they have given us...

These pictures are from a shower, given by Pam and Melissa, in Manchester. Let me start by saying I love detail! And BOTH of my showers were full of detail. Now saying my family is amazing, well that is an understatement! The thought and the love they have put into giving me the perfect baby shower is just incredible...

This is a picture of my cake. It mimics the shower invitations, how cool is that! It was beautiful and delicious.

Everybody got to take home a package of cookies. They also have Ella's monogram on it.

After my first shower, I realized I never got a picture with my beautiful Mother!

Opening my first gift of the day!

The next two pictures are of a receiving blanket and an afhan that was made for Ella. Mrs. Riddle started these the moment she new we were pregnant and I was so excited to get them! She is so good to us...

This last picture is of two different gifts. On Friday we went over to our good friends, Kent and Jill's to have some pizza. They gave us three embroidered burp clothes and an embroidered bloomer. They are the cutest designs I have ever seen!!!

At my shower my mom gave me this little outfit for Ella. I opened up and got so tickled because it matched the design of the burp cloths! So I had to take a picture of them together. How cute is this:

After nine amazing months and some of the best baby showers I could have ever been given, I have to say that we are ready for our sweet Ella! Thank you to everyone who has been so giving and so generous to me and Jeramy. We are so blessed and thankful for all of our friends and family!

Now bring on that BABY!!!!