Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday and Monday

Sunday was a really long day for us! I did get my exercise in and spent the rest of the day tending to a sick 3 yr old and waiting for my husband to arrive home. He and his co-workers took off on Friday and drove to the bottom of Louisiana to go fishing for the weekend! He had a ball, I'd say it was one heck of a Father's Day minus the fact his kiddos weren't with him :( (But we celebrated early and gave him a movie he loves and a mini photo album created by Lindsay Renee Photography. I actually won a photo session and (3) mini albums and he loved them! Lindsay is also a friend of mine, so it was really cool to have her capture our family with her beautiful talent.

Anyways back to my post...Oh wait, the Hubby did bring back some Red Fish (he caught), some mighty fine looking shrimp and some Daiquiri's in gallon milk jugs!!! YUM! Those will be consumed on cheat nights ;-)

Now back to my post... Sunday's Workout:
Bike Trainer - 30 minutes
Weights, Ball Squats

Today is a whole new ball game! Boot Camp is here and YES, I actually did it...Sorda.

I started off doing Mountain Climbers after 2 1/2 sets, I decided to head outside and do sprints! LOL. I did take a bigger break then needed to hop online again to view the moves one more time. My least successful move was the Side Plank Dips. I just couldn't do it, but I tried, even though I looked like a fool. My left side was a lot better than my that odd since I'm right handed? Anyways, Boot Camp W1D1 is complete.

Tomorrow, if I can move my legs I will ride the bike trainer again...