Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Bean...


Ella Jean hit the 6 month marker yesterday and what better way to celebrate then to go get immunization shots!

It has been a wonderful journey! Ella is such a blessing in our lives. She makes us smile every time we look at her. She is learning new things everyday and taking in life as best as she knows how. As parents, Jeramy and I have had a lot of learning lessons! Even in the hardest moments I am able to think back to the wonderful day she was born and laugh at how sudden it all happened. She is our spontaneous girl and she fits into our lives so perfectly. Our Ella is a gift from God.


As I mentioned above, Ella had her big appointment yesterday and she was amazing. These are her stats:

Weight: 13lbs. 7.5oz (10%)
Length: 26 1/4 (50%)

I laughed so hard when I was told her length percentile. At her 4 month check up she was in the 20% for length, now 50th %. She is little, but she is long! Ella loves food... She would take food over formula any day. We are also working on sitting up. Just yesterday she began holding herself up with her arms! (see the above picture) I'm sure she will be sitting up all of the way in no time!

Thank you Ella Jean for being such a blessing in our lives!

Go Eagles!

Down a long country road comes a small town named Eagleville. Back in the day this used to be my stomping ground. There wasn't much to do except ride four wheelers and cruise the back roads at night. But all of that has changed...They have FOOTBALL!! Saturday was the jamboree for the Division 1A football teams in Chapel Hill, TN. Jeramy and I loaded up EJ and headed to the game to watch our friend Kent Coach and defeat Cannon County in their first game of the season!


This is Kent's first year at Eagleville and I think th team is going to blossom! Here are some pictures from our fun night:

Coach Pip in the White
Me & Jill (very preggers ;))
Daddy & EJ
Ella's first Football Game
Eagles Win!