Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back to Work

After 6 short weeks of being home with Ella, I had to return to work this past Monday. Things are going pretty well. I have been able to stay pretty busy here so I don't have a lot of time to sit and think about Ella. However, I always wonder how she is; is she sleeping, is she being good, is she fussy? All common worries I guess. Of course I want her to be the best baby in the world, but she is going to have her moments and I have to just suck it up and be strong and supportive of her! I can't hold her hand forever...

I do , however, want to take a moment and brag on her sitter! How lucky is Ella to have her wonderful Aunt Melissa keep her!!! She will be so loved and protected. She is getting daily interaction with other kids and I love the fact that those other kids are her cousins! Growing up I was the only one who had a cousin my age that lived close by and we did everything together. It was so cool to have "family and a best friend!" So far they have had a good week. Melissa has these little slips of paper that she records Ella's feedings, BM's, activities, and sleep time. Let me tell you how wonderful it is to go home and know exactly what she did that day! It really puts me at ease since I am not able to be with her. Thanks Melissa for being so great :)

Ella is getting so big, so fast! This week we have been working on our visual skills and I have been trying to read to her every night. I love to see her interact with me. She is also beginning to hold onto things like her paci or her big soft musical worm or my finger.

Ella holding her paci!

Our two month check-up is April 21st. She will also have her first set of shots at this appointment! YIKES. But I think I will be okay, usually those type of things don't bother me.