Monday, February 22, 2010

My Baby is Two!

Well Ella came into her TWO's with a bang! Am I surprised? Not Really. We have all been passing a cold around the house for the past three weeks. Last Sunday Jeramy and Ella got the sore throat/runny nose thing pretty bad! By Wednesday Ella got a fever. Wednesday night she began vomiting, only once but it is still hard to watch your baby getting sick. (Jeramy was home with Ella at that time, needless to say he was pretty scared) By the time I got home, Ella's fever had spiked again. She and I moved to her room, to go to bed however, there was no sleeping involved! By 5am, both of us exhausted, she began having convulsions. Apparently this happens when a fever spikes so fast that the brain can not control the signals it is sending to the body to naturally protect itself. As a Mother, this is the scariest thing I have EVER been through. And we have had a lot of scary moments. The day before her 2nd Birthday and you are watching your child lay helpless and unaware in your arms. I began praying over her body immediately. Mean while, I'm screaming for Jeramy and sobbing at through it all. One spell after another and I had no clue what was happening to her. Thank you Lord for protecting her body.

We ended up taking her to the ER and then her Pediatrician. They treated her with an antibiotic for Strep and said that the spells were probably due to her fever. After a long trip we head home to sleep the rest of the day off.
By Friday, Ella was worlds better! We celebrated her Birthday the best we could. We had originally decided not to have a "party." But was going to celebrate with my family at my Mom's house. We had family in from New York and planned to meet over there Friday anyway, so why not add cake and ice cream into the mix! Since she was sick, we decided not to go :(

Nanna had planned to come over Friday to see Ella and a little sickness was not going to stop her from seeing her Baby Girl! She and Aunt Nea(Renee) came over Friday morning with a car full of goodies for all of us! We are so lucky to have such great parents! Aunt Nea made a Dora the Explorer cake for Ella and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen and Nanna loaded Ella up with microphones and goodies galore! (Ella loves to sing into a turkey baster at Nanna's, so a microphone was a perfect gift) We had a wonderful celebration and it warmed my heart to be able to see Ella smile on her Birthday! Later that afternoon, we headed over to Gramma's house. Everybody was out for the day so we thought it was a good time to visit. We enjoyed the beautiful day with a walk and some Fudge Cake!

I really felt bad that we didn't do a whole lot for Ella, but she got plenty of attention and I know she felt special ;) By Saturday, her fever was gone and we went to Cade's 4th Birthday party. Ella wasn't very happy while we were there, but we enjoyed seeing our friends and playing a little. Thank God for the bouncy thingy is all I have to say about that! hehehe :)

On Sunday, since we had this great Dora cake and a gallon of ice cream that never got ate I asked if my brothers and sisters could bring the kids over for a quick celebration. It was plenty of fun and the best part was watching all of the kids play together outside! All in all, she had a great weekend, the weather was beautiful and Ella was feeling better. My baby is TWO! YIKES.

Busy Girl...

It has been a busy couple of months for Little Miss Thing! Potty Training, Saying bye-bye to paci and now she is in a big girl bed!!
Ella's "big" Birthday present form Mommy and Daddy was her big girl bedding... I know, sounds lame, but she has so much already. She loves her bed and loves that she can crawl in and out all by herself. At first I was worried about that aspect of it, but she has done really well!

Ella and Chelsea Bear

Playin' Around
Sleeping like a Big Girl!

The only thing left to get is some wall art and a headboard. Aunt Kimmy and I plan to make the headboard, so when that time comes I'll be sure to post about it!