Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Choose your words wisely!

I am officially to my pre-preggers weight! I have been doing Nutri-system for almost a month now and surprisingly it has worked very well for me and my lifestyle. However, my exercise is slacking and of course my oral surgery took me out!

I saw a picture of me from this past weekend, the one below where all of the girls are lined up, and I could see that my legs are somewhat thinner, not much, but they are thinner! I was tickled to see this difference but I was very quick to point out that I needed to build muscle tone all over my body. I kept saying over and over "I need to strengthen my quads. That muscle looks very flabby." So yesterday I got the bright idea to look at the aerobics schedule at the MTSU rec center. ABS AND TONE! That is just what I need...

I hit up my friend/co-worker, Deborah, and she agrees to go with me. (she is a veteran to these classes) Like the good friend she is she nicely warned me of this challenge I was about to take on... OMG! I can not walk. Today's class concentrated on lunges and squats, oh and there were some arms thrown in there too!

"Could he look at my legs and tell that I needed help in that area?"

The aerobics room at the rec is upstairs, WHY? Seriously, I was grasping the rail in order to make it down the stairs with out falling. But the good news is I made through the class, will I be able to do it again is the real question?