Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recovery Day

Today is going to be a recovery day....

Yesterday morning started off well. I rode my trainer, did my weights and squats and headed over to take a very special Nanna to lunch for her Birthday! We decided to have Mexican, Yum-O! It's been a while for me... I swore that I would eat light the rest of the day, well that didn't really happen! I had a girlfriend come to visit and she and the littlest child and I were going to go eat...Of course she chose Mexican ;-) Even though I had just had it, I did not turn it down. I really wanted a Margarita, but since I had the baby with me, I did not indulge! But I did eat a lot.

So today I will get back on track and prepare for Mondays Boot Camp! Woot Woot

Shout out to my friend and partner in weight loss crime Mae Anne who is running her first 10 miler today! Go get 'em tiger....

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